Multirail, S.L.

It is the result of the experience acquired by its founding partners, who are perfectly aware of the road and multimodal transport sector, with more than 75 years of experience as logistics operators in bulk products.

Its main activity is the development of rail traffic, thus helping to promote the railway in Spain, starting in its first phase traffic on the Cataluña-Andalucía with a service that begins in January 2015 and capturing new and/or existing merchandise flows, providing a service to intermodal operators with a high quality and reliable service.

We also intend to promote a mode of transport with a great future, publicizing the advantages for shippers, with higher payloads and optimizing costs, improving the environment, decongesting roads and, on the one hand, minimizing risks for the user of the same due to accidents.

Since 2020 Multirail, S.L. carries out international traffic in collaboration with the large European rail operators, joining our trains to a single rate.